Bogren Digital – Ampknob MLC S Zero 100 1.0.391 STANDALONE, VST3, AAX x64

Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 gives you the distraction-free experience of high-end tube amp sound while delivering world-class quality and a simple workflow. Get high-quality guitar amp sound with minimal effort so you can focus on creating great guitar parts and solos. Ampknob S_Zero 100 was designed to sound great from the moment the plugin launched.

The original MLC S_Zero 100 is a monster 3-channel amplifier with a ton of features. Using the Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 plugin, we captured the breadth of available sounds within the range of a single knob.

Low Gain Setting: This is channel 1 of the original MLC S_Zero 100, which goes from clean and shiny to deep 3D overdrive.

Mid Gain Setting: This is where you’ll find the delicious organic tube crunch of Channel 2.
High Gain Setting. You guessed it! Turn the gain knob up and you reveal the fire-breathing yet dynamic channel 3 of the original MLC S_Zero 100 to the world.

It is advisable to write these lines in the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts:

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