Cableguys ShaperBox v3.4.2 CE [Intel/Apple Silicon Universal]

ShaperBox is your tool for rhythmic inspiration, musical movement, and mixing magic.
Nine powerful Cableguys Shaper effects are combined into one simple, modern interface.

Improved: Impulse response waveform display now updates in real time when adjusting size.

  • New: Reverb shaper.
  • New: Pro Tools automation menu support. In any DAW, hold Cmd-Ctrl-Option on Mac or Start-Ctrl-Alt on Windows to highlight all automable parameters with a colored dot. In Pro Tools, users can continue to hold down the modifiers and click an option to access the Pro Tools automation menu.
    • Fixed: The oscilloscope could go out of sync at high LFO speeds.
    • Fixed: Oscilloscope settings were lost when turning the envelope follower on or off.
    • Fixed: Logic crash when double-clicking L or R in dual mono mode.
    • Fixed: At sample rates of 176.4 kHz and above, the driver latency was incorrectly reported.

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