Native Instruments – Cremona Quartet 1.2.0 UPDATE (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments – Cremona Quartet 1.2.0 UPDATE (KONTAKT)


The CREMONA QUARTET features four of the most expensive string instruments ever created. With a variety of cutting-edge parameter options, producers may now access all the peculiarities and nuance of these historical gems. They include phase-aligned stereo samples, recorded vibrato, broad chromatic sampling of 20 articulations, and a plethora of other features.


‘VESUVIUS’ STRADIVARI VIOLIN The most well-known violin maker in history is Antonio Stradivari, a household name who was born in or around 1644. His novelties in proportion and form established trends that still have an impact on the craft today.

 It gives the quartet its last flourish of lush deep tones and gives the group’s overall sound more weight.

‘PRINCE DORIA’ GUARNERI VIOLIN The most well-known violin builder in the world may be Stradivari, yet many of the greatest musicians and composers in the world believe Guarneri del Gesù to be the best. His ‘Prince Doria’, constructed in 1734, serves as the second violin in the quartet.

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