Plugin Alliance & Mixland – Vac Attack v1.0.0 VST3, AAX x64

The vacuum tube saturation circuit adds harmonically rich warmth and character to the vocals, drums, bass and stereo bus. Increasing the degree of gain reduction applied results in an increase in makeup gain.

Vac Attack uses an optical design based on digital emulation of a light source and a light-dependent resistor. As the plugin’s input level increases, the light source becomes brighter and causes the resistor to apply compression. Using the plugin’s Knee control, you can fine-tune how quickly the compression ratio is applied, resulting in a natural, non-linear gain reduction.

A two-band equalizer with two modes, J and E, lets you shape the tone of your tracks after applying compression.

Switch the center frequency of the push low pass filter between 52 Hz (J) and 230 Hz (E).

Vac Attack includes a sidechain equalizer that filters the signal passing through its sidechain.

This feature is ideal for adding character to sterile digital records. Use it gently to add richness, or turn up the volume for a more aggressive, distorted sound.

By default, Vac Attack applies the same gain reduction to the left and right channels to maintain a balanced stereo image.

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