Acustica Audio Tiger Bundle 2023 REPACK VST, VST3, AAX x64 [02.02.2024]

Tiger Bundle is a great collection of our standalone Tiger plugins, dedicated to the most classic and original compressor emulators,
who shaped the Pro Audio industry and left an indelible mark on the music world.

✔️ Acustica plugins require installation: Acustica Framework

✔️ Features
Tiger implements a long list of compression curves accurately sampled from the best analog compressors and software. We have found that this is a relatively rare added value in software implementations (often these curves are pure, synthesized, modified and not the actual result of the sampling operation). In this regard, Tiger copies Ash’s strategy for clippers, but in the area of compression.
Tiger implements attack and release curve shapes (ATTACK and RELEASE) in detectors from the best HARDWARE we have measured over the years. Multi-segment forms give the product program-dependent characteristics (auto-attack and auto-release on steroids).
Tiger implements attack and release time shape modulators (ASHMOD, RSHMOD) into its detectors, taken from the best SOFTWARE (yes, software this time) and hardware attack and release curves we have analyzed. This is the first time we’ve introduced release modulation into one of our products.
Tiger has a HOLD function for both attack and release (this co-presence is also quite rare in software compressors).

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