Aliens Moog Sub Phatty Samples (Oscillators) (WAV)

Samples of Moog Sub Phatty hardware analog monophonic synthesizer (oscillators).
Additional Information
Hardware: RME Babyface Pro, Moog Sub Phatty, Canare, Neutrik.
Software processing: DC Offset, Normalise -0.1dB.
Sampling frequency: 24bit, 48kHz.
¬†Note range: D#0 – G8 (files “*000.wav” = D#0, “*100.wav” = G8). One sample per note.
Length of each sample: 2 sec.
Total files: 9096pcs.
Before recording, all generators were calibrated “A4=440Hz” (small deviations are possible due to the peculiarities of the analog circuit of the synthesizer).

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