Beatskillz AK9X v1.0.0 VST3/AAX x64

Here is the AK9X, the classic vintage sampler emulation. Imagine the warm, rich sound of those old-school samplers, but with a twist.

This plugin is a tribute to the iconic and legendary sampler of the past. It’s not just a basic emulation; it dives deep into recreating the soul of the preamp section, giving you that authentic, gritty sound.

But here’s the cool part: there’s a sample rate modifier control that lets you tweak the sound even further by setting the audio bandwidth.

  • 50 Factory Presets
  • Classic Vintage Sampler Emulation
  • NM2 AI/ Neural Technology
  • Auto Gain Feature
  • Perfect For Retro Touch And Vintage Enthusiasts

It’s like having a piece of music history in your digital audio workstation, but with some neat, modern twists.

Beatskillz have used their cutting edge NM2 AI/ Neural Technology to accurately capture the hardware.

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