Beatsurfing RANDOM v1.1.3 VSTi, VST3i x64

RANDOM creates an endless number of unique sounds.

With just one click, you’re on your way to the combined brilliance of multi-platinum producer Phazz and award-winning innovators BEATSURFING!

Born from the visionary minds of multi-platinum producer Phazz and acclaimed technology pioneers BEATSURFING, this plugin

breaks boundaries, blazing a new path in sound design.

At its core, RANDOM uses the principles of artificial intelligence and neural networks to create an endless variety of completely unique sounds.

  • Features

The soundscape is further shaped by STRESS, which dictates the decay duration of the synthesizer. At the same time, the SPIKE control imparts an aggressive quality, with darker, warmer tones at one end and a more assertive, edgy palette at the other. BLEED and FLUID provide a delicate dance of influence on the resonator, allowing for subtle modulation of color and presence.

PARAMETER LOCK buttons allow you to lock certain settings, leaving you free to fine-tune other elements without disturbing your carefully crafted foundation.

Delve even deeper into your creative journey with carefully selected TABLES AND PRESETS, each a testament to Phazz’s craftsmanship. Together they navigate the intricate terrain, opening up a world of sonic possibilities.

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