cryptic thermocolor ✲ one-shot kit (WAV)

Following on from the previously released Color 01 + 02 one-shot sets, thermocolor further expands your range of musical colors by introducing nostalgic sounds, textures and audio snippets from the future – draw and explore multi-dimensional soundscapes, surreal + organic sounds, binaural accents + harmonics.

Use these tones and hues to paint your melodic landscape, rendered with a variety of guitar pedals (chase blissmood mkii, strymon nightsky, etc.) + digital effects to create a fluid genre experience that removes any creative limitations.

imagine the sound of tomorrow through the lens of a mysterious mind!

✔️ Contents

  • 22 accents 
  • 42 1shots
  • 14 basses 
  • 26 harmonics 
  • 59 earcandy
  • 8 risers 
  • 23 textures

*all sounds are 100% royalty free.

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