Dada Life Secret Sauce Bundle VST, VST3 X86 x64

Dada Life, Swedish producers and creators of the beloved Sausage Fattener plugin, have announced the release of a trio of new instruments called Secret Sauce.

The first is called Space in Your Face and is a reverb module taken from the Endless Smile plugin that was released six years ago. Like other Dada plugins, the GUI is simple and consists of two controls: one for time, the other for humidity.

Eternal Return creates an endlessly rising effect – also known as The Sheppard Tone – suitable for buildups and drops. Again, the plugin works with two control parameters: Amount and Pitch.

Finally, Dada Life introduced Wide Awake, a chorus, flange, ensemble and doubler effect that uses various FX modulations to expand sounds and give them movement. Once again the control knobs are simple, with the only adjustable parameters being Amount and Range.

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