E-MU EIIIX Sound Library (17 CD) (WAV)

✔️ Composition

  • Vol.01 – Emulator Standards
  • Vol.02 – More Emulator Standards
  • Vol.03 – Orchestral
  • Vol.04 – Sound FX
  • Vol.05 – World Instruments
  • Vol.06 – World Percussion Ensembles
  • Vol.07 – E-MU Classic
  • Vol.08 – Vintage
  • Vol.09 – Psychic Horns
  • Vol.10 – Elements of Sound 1MB
  • Vol.11 – Elements of Sound 2MB
  • Vol.12 – ESI-32 150MB Production Soundset 1 & 2 (2 CD)
  • Vol.13 – Dance 2000
  • Vol.14 – ESI-32 General Midi Collection
  • Vol.15 – Bass Collection (Dan Dean Productions)
  • Vol.16 – Twenty Six Studio Drum Kits and Percussion ESI-32 (aka Ditto Drums)
  • Vol.17 – Heavy Guitars

This sample CDs offers you a collection of strings, brass, keyboards, and ethnic instruments etc.
Compatible with E4 Ultras, other EOS and ESI samplers.

The fellow who prepared Frank Zappa’s latter‑day orchestral scores used to check the parts on an Emu Proteus 2 sound module. This handy orchestra‑in‑a‑box had one big advantage over the competition (not that there was much at the time): the sustaining instruments were all looped, and, in the great Emu tradition, every sample was perfectly in tune! The masters of the sounds used in the Proteus 2 are preserved for antiquity on this CD‑ROM, and some are very good indeed. Piano, harpsichord, rock crash cymbals and hi‑hat are also included, but they lie beyond the scope of this roundup.

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