Fuse Audio Labs Everything Bundle v2024.03 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

Fuse Audio Labs is the number one source for truly analog-sounding plug-ins designed for the everyday needs of musicians and engineers around the world. The company was founded in 2017 by Raimund Dratva, a deep knowledgeable expert in translating complex analog topologies into first-class DSP code. Over the years, Raymund has built a huge portfolio of leading model publications for brands such as ACME, Black Box Analog Design, Black Rooster Audio, Elysia, Millennia, Neold, Vertigo and many more, available on the Plugin Alliance and the UAD-2 platform, while how his own designs remain 100% flawless and pure Fuse Audio Labs.

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  • RS-W2395C
    Designed by Roger Schulte, the W2395c features a classic Baxandall EQ coupled with a powerful, beautiful-sounding midrange.
    The VQP-258A and VQP-259A are two all-passive equalizers introduced in the 1950s, featuring the golden sound created by Motown and dozens of other studios that created legendary classic hits.
  • VQA-154
    The VQA-154 is a highly sought-after four-band equalizer module from the 1970s. Its pleasant harmonics combined with special filter characteristics are unique in the world of equalizers.
  • VCL-515
    The VCL-515 is a very rare and remarkable 1960s tube limiter with a harmoniously rich tone and superbly smooth compression characteristics – Vari Mu par excellence.
  • VCL-864U
    The VCL-864U is an iconic 1950s Vari Mu tube limiter with a unique and enjoyable character that can add a special liveliness and organic quality to your recordings.
  • VCL-25A
    The VCL-25A is a broadcast audio level meter originally developed in the 1950s. This plugin is pure variable magic – like one of those good old tube levelers right inside your computer.
  • VCL-373
    The VCL-373 is a German broadcast compressor/limiter from the early 1960s, ideal for adding body to your sound or big, tight, high-saturation compression.
  • VCL-4
    The VCL-4 is an advanced version of the silver face solid state equalizer, built to the most famous classic optical design of the late 1960s, well known for its power, density, sustain and control.
  • VPRE-31A
    The VPRE-31A is a simple 1960s germanium preamp with a ton of power under the hood. Its strong low end is ideal for guitars, bass and drums, as well as anything electro.
  • Flywheel
    Flywheel brings the organic sound of an analog tape recorder to your tracks. Saturation, hysteresis, head bump, wow and flutter… the magic of magnetic tone is at your disposal.
  • VPRE-562A
    The VPRE-562A is a rare all-tube amplifier with a unique harmonic profile. If you’re looking to give your projects a nice sixties vibe, the 562A is a true premium option.
  • VPRE-376
    The VPRE-376 is a discrete Class A mic preamp from the golden era of German broadcast technology, capturing the wonderful character and flavor of those great old recordings.
  • F-59
    The F-59 is an outstanding guitar amplifier of the 1958-60s era. years – a real miracle of timbre with a surprisingly organic sound and an excellent pickup. A real tweed monster!
  • TCS-68
    The TCS-68 pays tribute to one of the most popular multi-track cassette recorders introduced in 1990, capturing every aspect of its original atmosphere and nostalgic sound quality.
  • VCS-1
    If there’s one plugin you can take with you to a desert island, it’s the VCS-1. Instant signal boost, powerful dynamics control, flexible routing options, global channel groups… and then some.
  • TCS-68
    The TCS-68 pays tribute to one of the most popular multi-track cassette recorders introduced in 1990, capturing every aspect of its original atmosphere and nostalgic sound quality.
  • VREV-305
    The VREV-305 is an iconic and very rare spring chamber reverb system from the 1970s, based on no less than 12 individual springs supported by a compact yet powerful tuning matrix.
  • VREV-140
    VREV-140 is a bright reverb inspired by the holy grail of 1950s records. Enchant your mixes, apply lush reverb tails, and create otherworldly sounds—the ultimate record-making experience!
  • VREV-666
    The VREV-666 is a rare 1960s spring reverb with added tone filter EQ and tube power limiter. Enjoy the vibrant and charismatic atmosphere of this vintage sound.
  • Bucket-500
    Bucket-500 is a deeply musical Dale that brings the typical rich notes of bucket brigade analog design, including the much-desired warm, grungy and organic sound.
  • Dozer Drive
    Dozer Drive combines two of the most iconic fuzz and overdrive pedals of all time in one package. Create all the classic or completely custom tones with simple mods!
  • VBP-Bundle
    VBP-Bundle is a collection of the most popular and beautiful sounding top boxes, including overdrive, octaver, gate, chorus – and a free Big-Sur distortion pedal!
  • VPRE-2C
    The VPRE-2C is an all-tube and transformer rarity from the 1950s, delivering the smooth, tight tone typical of great American recordings of this era in the most intuitive way possible.
  • DrumsSSX
    DrumsSSX separates acoustic drum recordings into their components so they can be mixed separately when multi-track signals are not available. A lifesaver for editing drums!

    Three new plugins join the family…
    VPRE-72: Free vintage tube preamp.
    VREV-63: Surf spring reverb.
    VCE-118: dynamic range enhancer.
    Fix problems with scaling GUI windows in Cubase and Nuendo (VST3 on Windows).
    Installer: Fixed extraction of paths to x86/x64 VST plugins (Windows).
    Installer: Added support for HighDPI (Windows).
    Uses uniform IR partitioning for blocks of < 256 samples (results in less bursty CPU load).
    Correction of external sidechain entry in mono instances in AU.
    Fix splash artifacts when instantiating a plugin.
    Fixed artifacts when changing the Fuzz Drive parameter.
    Fix GR instability issues.
    Fix user set settings not being restored in VST3 sessions.
    Improves the appearance of handle graphics.

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