Have Audio – Nordisk Kontrabass v2.0 (KONTAKT)

Have Audio – Nordisk Kontrabass v2.0 (KONTAKT)

NORDISK KONTRABASS is a unique double bass created for composers films and music producers looking for a fresh and original sound. Superbly performed by an outstanding creative musician, the Nordisk Kontrabass excels both as a fat, realistic-sounding double bass and as a compositional instrument in its own right, capable of creating beautiful and exciting string harmonies and textures, powerful rhythms and emotional melodies that will make you think…

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  • Whales Legato and phrases
  • Glissando Whales
  • Harmony of Whales
  • Harmony of Whales 2
  • Pizzicato
  • Double stops pizzicato
  • Thumb choked pizzicato
  • Weird pizzicato
  • Harmonics
  • Natural harmonics
  • Anjor
  • Dirty tremolo


    • Twisted pizzicato textures
    • Wood body percussions
    • Bow textures
    • Low Engines
    • Unusual Textures
    • Rises
    • Falls
    • Pizzicato drone 1
    • Pizzicato drone 2
    • Pizzicato drone 3

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