Inletaudio Shapeshift Violin Textures (KONTAKT)

Dark Textures
Shapeshift Violin Textures is not intended to reproduce classical violin performances or sounds. Instead, it’s a bold move into avant-garde sound design, offering a fresh take on what the violin can become.
Ideal for avant-garde sound design, Shapeshift Violin Textures create organic tension and immersive atmosphere. Explore the eerie depths of horror, thriller, drama and experimental music – discover a universe of sonic possibilities.
Embrace innovation with this avant-garde collection, carefully designed to redefine the possibilities of violin sound.

✔️ Additional Information
Stepping beyond tradition, “Shapeshift Violin Textures” embarks on a journey into uncharted realms. In collaboration with respected violinist Kayvon, we delved deeper into experimentation, recording not only unique improvisations and sounds. The library includes 10 seminal recordings, each containing a unique short improvisation by Kayvon, as well as 50 carefully selected sound textures derived from these recordings.


Through an innovative approach to sound manipulation, we have pushed the boundaries of what the violin can be, transcending its traditional role and offering a palette of sounds that defy expectations and ignite creativity and emotion. These techniques include the unique audio processing techniques used by founders Kirsten and Thomas in their professional composing work spanning trailer scores, sync licensing and films.

We used a combination of creative processing techniques—from re-amplification, spectral resonance manipulation, to unique filtering and custom reverb chains—to transform the violin into a versatile instrument of self-expression.


With a dark yet hauntingly beautiful mood, this library invites you to explore a spectrum of emotions through its atmospheric textures. From a haunting whisper to a booming echo, each sound tells its own story.

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