Just Sound Effects Melee Weapons (WAV)

Want to take your medieval battle scenes to the next level? MELEE WEAPONS is a library of sound effects that captures the essence of close combat. Enrich your project with the clanking of swords, the rapid whistling of daggers, the powerful swings of axes, the crushing power of maces and the reliable protection of shields.

MELEE WEAPONS is a real treasure trove of sounds. It provides everything you need to create a medieval battle on the fly. You get ready-made sounds for swords, axes, blunt weapons and shields, as well as a huge arsenal of recordings that serve as source material. To make working with this library even more efficient, we made sure the recording names matched each other and decided to set each sound in the recording file to a 100 bpm grid normalized to -6 dB. This way you can create your own melee weapon sounds in no time!
Created for game audio and film sound design, this collection of pre-built weapon sounds and carefully recorded source material is the perfect choice for creating epic medieval battle scenes straight out of the box.

✔️ Features
Sharp and fast sounds for sneak attacks and precision. From subtle swings to the distinct impacts of successful attacks.
Durable and resonant weapons, characterized by rich metallic overtones that embody speed and strength.
Heavy and impressive sounds, marked by deep beats. The swing creates a whoosh that expresses its weight and momentum.
Heavy and powerful, characterized by deep, crushing blows. Blunt weapons are distinguished by their destructive power.
The sound of the shield is defensive in nature. It is marked by a solid, metal or wooden strike when blocking attacks.

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