Musik Hack Master Plan v1.1.3 VST3, AAX x64

Master Plan is a professional audio mastering workflow that produces production-ready masters with
with simple controls: Crystal clear volume, rich analogue richness,
phase coherent imaging, physical tape emulation, and additional tools to correct and monitor your mix.

✔️ What do you get
» Crystal clear volume circuitry: eliminate other limiters and compressors.
» Finely tuned saturation inspired by analog technology.
» Serious visualization and tone controls for clarity and creativity.
» Correction buttons: soften the mix, remove the sharpness, add glue.
» Emulates real physical tape for a vintage sheen.
» Listening emulation (midrange speakers, mobile, mono, etc.)

  • Changelog history

Version 1.1.3
» Faster graphics.
» Updated True Peak mode to eliminate distortion that some users were experiencing.
“Fixed an issue in FL studio where presets might not load correctly if MULTI and Tape modes were enabled.
» Updated Tape display to more accurately reflect how it works.
“Updated the PC installer to remove installation location selection; this is suggested by Steinberg for VST3.
» Fix Steinberg WaveLab and FL Studio offline crashes causing attenuation.
“Other minor fixes and improvements.

Important reading for AAX users
Uninstall/Remove all previous versions! For AAX there may be a different folder setup.
* it will install “Master Plan v1.1.aaxplugin folder”, instead of “Master Plan v10.aaxplugin

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