Newfangled Audio Recirculate v1.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Recirculate is not just a delay plugin; it is the distilled essence of feedback reverb.
By stripping away the fluff and focusing on sound and control, we’ve created the perfect tool for adding depth and dimension to your mixes.

✔️ Features
Simplicity and depth: Create complex rhythmic echo effortlessly with Recirculate, an intuitive delay plugin designed to instantly enhance your sound.
Dual Time Control: Independently control start-up delays and repeats for unparalleled rhythmic variety.
Flexible Delay Modes: Choose from Standard, Pitch Warp and Granular delay modes for unprecedented creative versatility.
Precise Timing: Quickly match echoes to note, step, or millisecond values ​​for perfect synchronization.
Shape your sound: Shape echoes with reshaping high- and low-cut filters.
Transient Designer: Maintain or remove transients in echo, ensuring rhythmic precision without clutter.
Dynamic Mastery: Built-in compressor, ducker and gate provide advanced control over echo dynamics.
Symbol Section: 21 unique combinations of symbols and noises to create an echo’s personality.
Ethereal Reverb: Enrich your echoes with a gorgeous reverb that’s perfect for creating diffuse repeats or lush tails.
Soundstage Controls: Use Chorus, Spread and XFeed to add depth and dimension.
Dry FX: Add the character and tone of Recirculate to the dry path to integrate delay and lift the entire performance.

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