Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper v1.1.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3i x64

Get groove, get inspired
A creative sequencer of sorts for creating instant rhythms!
Generate exciting hi-hats, bass lines, short string motifs and more…

✔️ Features
Shape Rhythm: Enjoy a fun new approach to music making! Shapes can easily generate catchy rhythms, allowing creativity to flow like never before.
Intelligent Magic Cubes: Generate exciting hi-hats, groove-heavy basslines, harmonic chords and enchanting string ostinatos effortlessly. Let the dice roll and spark instant inspiration!
Reimagine Your Synths: Level up your music with our cutting-edge sampler engine, or simply place your favorite synths/samplers and give them a magical new sound!

✔️ Changelog v1.1.0
New mode “Editing”
Easily adjust Velocity, Gate, Mute notes and more with our advanced editing mode!
New toolbar
Our new toolbar is now conveniently located for easy access. Enjoy easy navigation and efficiency like never before 🚀.
Improved Preset Browser
vDiscover new presets and categories with ease using our new and improved Preset Browser user interface.
New sequencer modes
Note Limit: Select one or more notes to play in sequence while the remaining notes play independently. For example, you can create a repeating pattern for the hi-hat while freely playing the kick drum next to it.
Split: Divide the keyboard into two sections, each with its own sequence. This means that you can use one pattern on the left side of the keyboard and another pattern playing on the right side of the split point.
Hold: A single shape loops when MIDI is received and moves to the next shape after each repeat trigger.
Increased sequencer length
Enjoy an expanded creative canvas with the addition of additional stripes in Groove Shaper.
Intuitive form editing
Easily draw shapes using the click-and-drag feature, and remove shapes with a simple right-click click-and-drag action.
Expanded preset library
Experience a wealth of new audio possibilities with the inclusion of new presets and categories.
Improved swing and delay algorithms
Introducing a new algorithm for smooth swing and delay motion, as well as a single-note delay feature.
MIDI CC control
Simplify your workflow with right-click MIDI CC Learn for Sequence Settings sliders.
Advanced Arpeggiator Modes
Explore new musical dimensions with global ARP modes and custom shape ARP modes.
Customizable note transposition
Customize your compositions with custom note transposition capabilities.
Flexible pacing options
Discover new rhythmic possibilities with the 1/4x Tempo function.
Automation options
Fine-tune your creations with even more automation options for enhanced control and creativity.
VIDEO v1.1 update | Everything you need to know

✔️ Installation
Uninstall the previous version!
Install the plugin.
Launch Keygen, select Groove Shaper from the list, enter any e-mail,
for example: [email protected] and click “Generate”.

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