Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx clipper v1.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

The ultimate anti-clipping solution with ease of use and uncompromising sound quality.

✔️ Features
Create masters with competitive volume and maintain audio purity:
Brainworx bx_clipper clips waveform peaks above a specified threshold level (Ceiling). This allows you to create mixes that play louder without increasing the peak level. Unlike a limiter, bx_clipper increases volume while avoiding the pumping effect.
It’s your limiter’s new best friend:
Using bx_clipper at the end of the mastering chain – before or after the limiter – will help you create modern and crystal clear mixes that rival the competition in density and volume. bx_clipper picks up where your limiter left off and bridges the gap between loud and super loud.
Choose clipping effects from smooth to sharp:
The clipping mechanism implemented in bx_clipper has two operating modes. FET mode provides smooth and natural sound, while Diode mode provides harsh distortion. Combined with bx_clipper’s Ceiling and Knee controls, FET Mode and Diode Mode allow you to choose from a range of soft and hard clipping effects.
Maximize volume without distortion:

✔️ Features
Increase volume by cutting waveform peaks Choose between soft and hard cutting.
Apply smooth, natural clipping in FET mode.
Create sharp distortion with Diode mode.
Perform A/B level comparisons using Auto Trim.
Listen to information lost during clipping using the Ambience button.
Use the full range of soft clipping while avoiding hard clipping with Auto Ceiling.
Independent processing of left-right and middle channels
Oversampling up to 32x.
Peak and waveform meters.
Scalable and color-customizable user interface.

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