Serato Studio v1.7.3 & v2.0.2 x64 x64 [28 Март, 2023, ENG]

The new DAW from Serato, which is called the FL Studio killer.
The main goal of Serato’s new DAW is to turn DJs into producers. The creators say that they specifically designed the interface in such a way that anyone unfamiliar with professional DAWs could quickly feel at ease. The interface, unlike Ableton Live, is simpler and more intuitive. At the same time, in terms of power and capabilities, Serato Studio is not inferior to conventional programs. In other words, the workspace familiar to DJs has been transferred to the workstation format.

The program comes with the same set of content and library that Serato DJ customers receive. 
Among the interesting features of the new DAW are the Play In Key mode and the Make Beats function. Play In Key adjusts all tracks to a given key so that everything sounds in the context of the track. The Make Beats feature creates beats in a couple of clicks.

According to McLaren, internal research has shown that DJs and musicians spend too much time on various aspects unrelated to the creativity itself. Instead of writing music, users twist knobs, try to match the sample to the key, and fit the drums into the mix. By taking on the development of Serato Studio, the company focused on ensuring that users could quickly and easily implement their ideas.
Serato Studio has adopted many elements from Serato Sample and Serato DJ: mixer, effects block, time stretching, general logic for displaying working instruments, there is support for VST plugins.

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