Spitfire Audio – Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional v1.0.b29 (KONTAKT)

An excellent library of drum samples for cinema. Spitfire Audio joins forces with a major player in cinema to release the most advanced drum sample library for cinematic percussion. Featuring ensembles and solo instruments used by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer in his blockbusters, we’ve drawn on his years of creative experience and studio experimentation to give you everything you need to create epic drum tracks.

From tombeks to taikos, playing from whisperingly quiet to thunderously loud, we’ve worked with Hans’ Grammy award-winning team to capture the highest quality recordings, featuring the same players in Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios, London, where Hans records his biggest scores, all mixed and produced by the man himself.

The Professional edition also includes additional mixes by producer royalty Junkie XL, Geoff Foster, Alan Meyerson and Steve Lipson, including CPU-friendly stereo mixes and 10 individual microphone positions.

Produced by the master of film scoring
Hans Zimmer is one of the most successful, influential and prolific film composers of his generation. Having won countless awards including Oscars, his scores for films including Gladiator, Inception, Interstellar, The Dark Knight and Dunkirk he is considered one of the greatest living film composers. Hans has defined not only a compositional style, but also a production approach and sonic innovation that has influenced a generation of composers.

Made in close collaboration with Hans Zimmer and his team of Grammy-winning engineers, musicians and technicians, we present Hans Zimmer’s expert, authorized take on cinematic percussion production. Herein lies not an emulation or synthesis of his approach, but a recreation; the same world class studio, musicians, instruments, signal chain and engineers, overseen in every detail by Hans himself with the same attention to detail and perfection, coupled with Spitfire’s pioneering technology designed to offer you ultimate creative customization.

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