Togu Audio Line TAL-Pha 1.1.8 VSTi, VSTi 3, AAX, CLAP x64

TAL-Pha is an instrumental plugin that emulates the sound of the 80s analog synthesizer Alpha Juno II (MKS-50 – rack version).
The plugin reproduces classic analog sound combined with modern flexibility and many additional features. The plugin can read and convert system information from hardware and can also be used as a controller.

✔️ Additional information:

Authentic 80’s hardware synth emulation.
Resonance enhancement for filter self-oscillations.
Possibility of detuning, modulating and synchronizing the pulse part of the DCO.
A simple yet powerful effects section with delay, reverb and bell EQ.
Arpeggiator with different modes.
Stereo UNISON mode supporting up to seven voices.
Aftertouch and MPE support.
Micro-tuning support (Tun file import and MTS client).
Includes original factory jars.
Over 380 fresh presets from Electric Himalaya, The Unfinished, Saif Sameer, Empty Vessel and TAL.
Individual tuning for each voice converts the synthesizer’s DCO to VCO.
Reads Sysex and Sysex MIDI files from a hardware device.
You can also control a hardware device. When enabled, it sends Sysex via a pluggable MIDI output (only possible with DAW support).

✔️ Treatment procedure:

1. Install TAL-Pha

2. Run TAL_RSA1024_KeyGen.exe, select the product (TAL-Pha), click “Generate” and paste the received data (in full!) into the plugin

All operations as administrator
Don’t use Cyrillic

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